Friday, June 11, 2010

The Evolution of WONK

Let me preface this by saying that if you haven't visited flylady's chat, you really should! In amidst our hard work, we do have some fun. This is a portion of a conversation that was between me and several of my flysisters. I have removed some of the lines, but the basic idea remains.

If you ever wondered what WONK is...

The Evolution of Wonk

June 10, 2010…somewhere around 10pm

Shanay the least little thing in the kitchen can throw me off if I am in a “wonky” mood

Jag okay...stop wonking it

Crellinite LOL

Shanay lol..alright jag

Jag wonk wonk

Shanay wonk wonk

Crellinite aoooogha

MamaBean – flying! wonkity wonk?

Shanay love it!

Crellinite lol, wonking it

Jag next time she does that ladies

Jag say


Shanay dh want's to know what's so funny!

Shanay how could I even begin to explain that!

MamaBean – Flying! Just tell him you’re wonking it

Crellinite Tell him your wonking it and he might come and have a look to see what you are doing

MamaBean – Flying! lol

Shanay he might think it’s a suggestion!!!

Jag lol

MamaBean – Flying! hahaha shanay

Crellinite lol

Crellinite that will take your mind off the kitchen

MamaBean – Flying! "with a winkety wonk she drove of into the night"

MamaBean – Flying! i'm gonna write that in a book someday!

Shanay too funny!

Shanay winky wonk wonk

Jag wonk

MamaBean – Flying! i'm gonna start wonkin instead of poofin

Jag me too

Shanay lol bean..we should!

Jag I’ll do this…

MamaBean – Flying! it would be SO funny

Shanay wonkarino!

Jag WONK!!!!

Shanay sounds like some ducks in here!

MamaBean – Flying! I’m dying of laughter!!!!!

Shanay me too




Shanay wonk wonk!

Kitty4225 ((((shanay)))) thanks i needed to laugh


Shanay we are wonkin’!

Toflyoneday I need to wonk

MamaBean – Flying! wonkin’ and flyin’

So there you have to wonk?! =0)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Winners and Whiners: What do you want?

According to Keith Cameron Smith in his book "The Top 10 Distinctions between Winners and Whiners"...

Winners can have what they want.

Whiners want what they cannot have.

We want to FLY. We wouldn't have plugged into flylady's system if we weren't desiring to take control of our lives, our homes, and ourselves. So how do we become a winner?

Everything has a price, and while whiners want something for nothing, winners work hard in pursuit of their passions. To really fly, you have to work at it. You have to earn it.

Winners look at people who have more than them and believe, “If others can do it, so can I.” Then, they learn what they need to do to get it. When we see others flying and we aren't, the answer is simple: They know something that you don’t know and they are choosing to apply it.

You can learn whatever it is you need to know to get whatever it is that you want. Flylady gives us all the tools we need. They are right there for the learning. Instead of being a whiner, and living in a constant quest for sympathy and why you can't do this or that, invest in your knowledge. Then you can figure out what it is you want and take the time to achieve it.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Winners and Whiners: Which one are you?

I'm reading a book called, "The Top 10 Distinctions Between Winners and Whiners." In it, the author, Keith Cameron Smith, highlights the differences between winners and whiners. How does this relate to flying?

Many of us have been whiners for many years. We blame the chaos on our husbands, or our kids, our work schedule or our health. We have allowed this chaos to control us and then decided to blame everyone else for our situation.

Winners Take Responsibility.

Whiners Play the Victim.

Let me repeat that: Winners take responsibility. Whiners play the victim.

We make choices every day. Those choices are your responsibility. That's how winners see it. Whiners, on the other hand, think that choices depend on circumstances and that those circumstances are someone else's fault.

Choices determine circumstances, circumstances do NOT determine choices. You can choose to stay in chaos. You can choose to declutter and simplify your life. As long as you whine, you will never become a winner. That choice is also yours.

Victims complain and blame. This leads to disappointment and discouragement. Many flybabies are discouraged. The truth is, we all face disappointment. But when we are disappointed, we have two choices: we can find a way to encourage ourselves, or we can become discouraged. And beneath discouragement is depression. We can't fly if we are depressed.

It's okay to be disappointed, it's not okay to be discouraged. Learn the difference. Choose to be a winner. Whining comes from negative thinking and blame. Choose to focus your thoughts on positive things. Take responsibility for your thoughts and circumstances. That is the first step to becoming a winner and learning to FLY!