Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Leanne Shares a Crock-Cooker Menu and Shopping List

Leanne offered us a marvelous freebie.  It's a whole week's worth of meals all planned out with the shopping list included.  All the meals are done in the crock pot.  I'm so excited to give them all a try.

Here is what we will be eating at my house next week:
  • Crock Chicken Indonesian with brown rice and stir-fried zucchini and yellow squash
  • Italiano Beef Stew over bow tie pasta with a spinach salad
  • Crock Black Bean Enchilasagna with salad, sliced avocado and corn on the cob
  • Carolina Crock Pork on whole wheat buns with coleslaw and baby carrots
  • Summer Sweet and Fragrant Chicken Drumsticks with steamed red potatoes and broccoli
Visit for more meal solutions!

I'll be letting you know how my family likes these dishes.  =0)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

FLYing and Quilting

This is what I love the most about flying: It frees up time! When you are on autopilot with your routines, zone work, and detailing, it gives you time to pursue other adventures.

I've started many crafts in my lifetime. I think I enjoy trying something new more than I enjoy actually completing it. My family is sure that this will be another of my "doomed" hobbies. But I like the way my friend, Paula, put it. "It doesn't matter how long it lasts! It only matters if you're enjoying it while you're doing it."

With that in mind, I set out to research how to quilt. I scoured the internet for patterns and tips on how to start. I picked out lovely fabrics that made me happy. I put a book on hold at the library: Quilting for Dummies. I set up a blog to track my progress. And I am excited about it!

Track my quilting progress at "So You Think You Can Quilt."

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Evolution of WONK

Let me preface this by saying that if you haven't visited flylady's chat, you really should! In amidst our hard work, we do have some fun. This is a portion of a conversation that was between me and several of my flysisters. I have removed some of the lines, but the basic idea remains.

If you ever wondered what WONK is...

The Evolution of Wonk

June 10, 2010…somewhere around 10pm

Shanay the least little thing in the kitchen can throw me off if I am in a “wonky” mood

Jag okay...stop wonking it

Crellinite LOL

Shanay lol..alright jag

Jag wonk wonk

Shanay wonk wonk

Crellinite aoooogha

MamaBean – flying! wonkity wonk?

Shanay love it!

Crellinite lol, wonking it

Jag next time she does that ladies

Jag say


Shanay dh want's to know what's so funny!

Shanay how could I even begin to explain that!

MamaBean – Flying! Just tell him you’re wonking it

Crellinite Tell him your wonking it and he might come and have a look to see what you are doing

MamaBean – Flying! lol

Shanay he might think it’s a suggestion!!!

Jag lol

MamaBean – Flying! hahaha shanay

Crellinite lol

Crellinite that will take your mind off the kitchen

MamaBean – Flying! "with a winkety wonk she drove of into the night"

MamaBean – Flying! i'm gonna write that in a book someday!

Shanay too funny!

Shanay winky wonk wonk

Jag wonk

MamaBean – Flying! i'm gonna start wonkin instead of poofin

Jag me too

Shanay lol bean..we should!

Jag I’ll do this…

MamaBean – Flying! it would be SO funny

Shanay wonkarino!

Jag WONK!!!!

Shanay sounds like some ducks in here!

MamaBean – Flying! I’m dying of laughter!!!!!

Shanay me too




Shanay wonk wonk!

Kitty4225 ((((shanay)))) thanks i needed to laugh


Shanay we are wonkin’!

Toflyoneday I need to wonk

MamaBean – Flying! wonkin’ and flyin’

So there you have to wonk?! =0)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Winners and Whiners: What do you want?

According to Keith Cameron Smith in his book "The Top 10 Distinctions between Winners and Whiners"...

Winners can have what they want.

Whiners want what they cannot have.

We want to FLY. We wouldn't have plugged into flylady's system if we weren't desiring to take control of our lives, our homes, and ourselves. So how do we become a winner?

Everything has a price, and while whiners want something for nothing, winners work hard in pursuit of their passions. To really fly, you have to work at it. You have to earn it.

Winners look at people who have more than them and believe, “If others can do it, so can I.” Then, they learn what they need to do to get it. When we see others flying and we aren't, the answer is simple: They know something that you don’t know and they are choosing to apply it.

You can learn whatever it is you need to know to get whatever it is that you want. Flylady gives us all the tools we need. They are right there for the learning. Instead of being a whiner, and living in a constant quest for sympathy and why you can't do this or that, invest in your knowledge. Then you can figure out what it is you want and take the time to achieve it.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Winners and Whiners: Which one are you?

I'm reading a book called, "The Top 10 Distinctions Between Winners and Whiners." In it, the author, Keith Cameron Smith, highlights the differences between winners and whiners. How does this relate to flying?

Many of us have been whiners for many years. We blame the chaos on our husbands, or our kids, our work schedule or our health. We have allowed this chaos to control us and then decided to blame everyone else for our situation.

Winners Take Responsibility.

Whiners Play the Victim.

Let me repeat that: Winners take responsibility. Whiners play the victim.

We make choices every day. Those choices are your responsibility. That's how winners see it. Whiners, on the other hand, think that choices depend on circumstances and that those circumstances are someone else's fault.

Choices determine circumstances, circumstances do NOT determine choices. You can choose to stay in chaos. You can choose to declutter and simplify your life. As long as you whine, you will never become a winner. That choice is also yours.

Victims complain and blame. This leads to disappointment and discouragement. Many flybabies are discouraged. The truth is, we all face disappointment. But when we are disappointed, we have two choices: we can find a way to encourage ourselves, or we can become discouraged. And beneath discouragement is depression. We can't fly if we are depressed.

It's okay to be disappointed, it's not okay to be discouraged. Learn the difference. Choose to be a winner. Whining comes from negative thinking and blame. Choose to focus your thoughts on positive things. Take responsibility for your thoughts and circumstances. That is the first step to becoming a winner and learning to FLY!

Friday, May 28, 2010

How High Can You Soar?

Do you remember what it's like to be on a swing? When was the last time you felt that sensation of flying...back and forth...higher and higher...not wanting to stop...When I was a kid, I loved to swing. I guess I was a little daring in my youth because I also liked to jump off said swing! That's another story.

But yesterday it hit me that FLYing is a lot like swinging. When you sit down on a swing, there are a couple of things you can do. First, you can take a running start. Remember that part...stretch back with the seat behind you, then a little running start, jump into that seat and hope like crazy that you don't miss. When we were older, that was the way to start off.

But think about when you were a baby. Someone had to push you, to give you a little nudge. And they couldn't stop pushing you or the momentum would eventually slow to a halt.

When you got a little older, and a little more self-sufficient, there was our third method. Sit down on the swing. Dead standstill. Start to kick your legs back and forth...back and forth...until you got going. First a little, then a little more, and finally you were pretty proud of your accomplishment. It took awhile, but you did it!

So how do these childhood recollections related to flying? Let's start with the run and jump method. That's our "seasoned" flyers. They know they have to hit the ground running. They have a plan, followed up with action, and they FLY in no time! They have taken the time to create routines that work for them and have practiced those routines. A good swinger doesn't happen overnight; we aren't born with the ability to know how to operate a swing! FLYing doesn't happen overnight; we have to learn and practice our skills.

The "I-can-do-it" approach are those of us that have the basics, and we can get ourselves moving. Some days "getting moving" takes longer than others. We don't ask for help, but we haven't quite gotten all of the pieces straightened out yet. This method of swinging can be painfully slow - and painfully slow for flying, too. Sometimes we fail to even see our progress, as if we are just moving our feet back and forth and never getting anywhere.

So here lies the final method. Getting help! A gentle nudge to get us started, sometimes a full on push...whatever level of help you need, think of that baby in the swing. Where do we get these nudges? Visit flylady's website. Read the emails, especially the ones from other flybabies. Visit flylady chat, which I've blogged about in the past. Whatever it takes to give you the support you need.

At different times in our FLY lives, we will utilize the above methods. There is nothing wrong with any of them. There is no shame in getting help at times, especially when we are new or having difficulties in life. And it's good to have the "I-can-do-it" attitude. That attitude, patience and practice is the only way you will ever get to the run and jump method. Of course, we aim to be at the run and jump method, but even when we get there, sometimes it's just nice to flying with someone at your back giving you a push...higher and higher...until you feel like you are really FLYing.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flying on Autopilot

I hear one consistent complaint from flybabies. They don't stick with their routines. Maybe they have a morning routine that they follow regularly, but they don't do a before bed routine. Or they have routines, but they never finish all the items on their list. What is the solution?

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

I can't stress this enough. Your routines need to be on auto-pilot. And to get them there, they have to be simple.

If you are having trouble sticking to, or even establishing routines, try this.

Morning Routine - 3 items ONLY.

My simplified morning routine is: Get dressed to the shoes. Make my bed. Swish and swipe the bathroom. That's it. 3 things.

Before Bed Routine - 3 items ONLY.

My simplified bedtime routine is: Shiny sink. Pajamas on and clothes out for tomorrow. Pick up and put away in my living room.

I also have an afternoon routine. It has even fewer items on it. 1 thing. Do a 15 minute Pick Up Put Away throughout the entire house.

You might think that these are not enough to make a difference in your home. I promise you that they will. When these are on auto-pilot, you will speed right through them. Then you can take on another task. When that's second nature, you can add more. But keep that simplified routine in mind. When time is tight, or you are sick, or other things in life start to crowd out flying, you can fall back on these simplified lists and things will not get out of control.

The definition of Autopilot: functioning in an unthinking or reflexive manner. I'm not saying you shouldn't THINK. But these routines will become so reflexive that you won't even realize you are doing them. It's a great way to avoid crash and burn!

Your challenge today: simplify your routines and turn on your autopilot! It's a great way to fly!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Flying and Starting a Business

Flying has done wonderful things for me and my house. One of the most exciting is the time I have found to put into starting and running my very first home based business!

I wasn't looking for a business venture, it just sort of arrived on my doorstep in the form of a close friend. She was introduced to an amazing health product called MonaVie. This healthful blend contains of some of the earth's most powerful "superfoods." Its main ingredient is the Brazilian rain forest's acai berry (pronounced ah-sigh-ee). This premier formula delivers powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients to help fight free radicals and maintain your body's overall health.

A few months ago, I would never have been able to take on a project such as launching a new career. But now that my routines are in place and I am finally loving myself, I can start on the road to becoming an entrepreneur. Let's just see where that road takes me!

To find out more about MonaVie's products or business, visit my website at or their home site at

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Morning Pick Me Up

Monday morning is just one of those days. The weekend is over. You are back to work or school, and your normal routine is back in place. We all need a Monday morning pick me up: and this includes your house!

If you are anything like me (and I'm sure at least one of you are) I don't do a whole lot of domestic duties on the weekends. I try to save those two days for family and friends. So come Monday morning, my house is looking a little bit "unloved." How to counteract those Monday blues AND get your house smiling again? A Monday Morning Pick Me Up.

Every Monday morning, I spend about an hour doing what is called a PUPA: Pick Up Put Away. I also incorporate my regular morning routine into that time. I start by getting dressed to the shoes. I make my bed and swish and swipe my bathroom. I try to drink at least one glass of water to get hydrated. Then, starting with one room in the house, I pick up and put away everything that is out of place. I wipe down anything that needs a little TLC. When that room is finished, I move on to the next room. By the time I have rotated through all the rooms in my house, everything looks better and amazingly, I feel better as well.

Today is Monday. Why don't you give it a try?

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Here is my next project.

I don't know why anyone in their right mind would have a closet built this small. It has always been a challenge to get everything in there. I want to go through toys and games and declutter those that are ready to move on. I'll be sure to post the "afters" when I get around to it.

Celebrating an Accomplishment

DS12's room is the hardest to keep up. It looks good...then whamo - it's a mess. I'm not really sure what happens between those stages. But since our zone this week was the bedroom and mine is in pretty decent shape, I decided to give him a hand and get that room in shape.

We started at the doorway and moved clockwise. Working in just 20 minute increments, we dusted, decluttered, scrubbed, shampooed the carpets...and even cleaned one set of blinds and the window! Bedding was laundered and bed remade. Cleaned under the bed too! I can honestly say there are no monsters in there...not even dust bunnies now!

Here are the "after" pictures.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm sooo excited!

After months of not having a dishwasher, I am so excited to hear the hummm of my GE as I blog!

At first I didn't really mind hand washing dishes. I have an amazing view out of my kitchen window. I can enjoy the scenery as I scrub dishes. But after a few months, even the awesome view loses it's appeal.

I figured that hand washing dishes for my family of five takes around an hour a day. Of course, that includes drying and putting away. So my dishwasher won't actually save an hour, because I will still have to load and unload. But it will save at least 30 minutes as day. That's 3 1/2 hours a week. Enough time for something really fun. Maybe instead of enjoying the scenery out my kitchen window, I can use that time to be IN the scenery!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This is the other side of the entry closet. I can't decide if it's organized or not! At first glance I think "wow, what a wreck!" Then on second thought, I'm like "hmm...everything has a place and is neatly arranged." What do you think? What was your first impression of this space?

I'm working on decluttering. It's a process for me. I thought it would be helpful to chart my progress and be able to look back at what I have accomplished with my "hidden clutter." I'm starting in the entry closet.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I can FLY "with a little help from my friends"

I have to talk about a very valuable tool. It's not something you have to run out and buy. It is available all day, every day. It can keep you moving when you don't think you can move any more. What is it?

Flylady Chat!

This is a place to give and receive encouragement. You can ask advice or even brag about your accomplishments. When you feel like you can't do another task, the ladies there are ready to give you a pat on the back and a "You can do it," which makes all the difference in the world.

We generally do 15 tasks at the top and bottom of the hour. After our 15 minutes, we come back and report what we were able to accomplish. It is a great motivator. Most of the ladies say they get twice as much done even with the breaks between tasks.

Don't believe me? Give it a try!

Just go to

Introduce yourself and before you know it, you will be flying with a little help from your newfound friends.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

FLYing While Sick

I came home from our trip with a relentless cold. Have you ever seen the commercial for Mucinex...

...well the whole family must have moved in because I can't seem to get over this bug! Needless to say, this has caused a bit of trouble with my post-vacation list of things to do.

I have spent the better part of two days on my couch. I'm glad to say that the living room is one of the most organized rooms in my home. It's nice to sit in there without too much chaos. But the best thing about flying while sick is the motto of doing something for only 15 minutes. I can almost get my entire kitchen cleaned in 15 minutes, even when it starts as a disaster zone! I can swish and swipe AND get the bad made in 15 minutes. These last two days have proven that you can find 15 minutes worth of energy. A clean bathroom. A made bed. A shining sink. The rest can wait until I am feeling better. If I don't vacuum this week, it won't be the end of life as we know it. And dusting...well, it will still be there when I am on the road to recovery.

Flying while sick means maintaining the things we have already put into place and giving ourselves the permission to get better. THAT is what FLYing really is.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Post Vacation Blues

I always seem to get the post vacation blues. Maybe it's the realization that the good times are over. It might be the unpacking and the mountain of laundry that I am facing. Or even the chores that have to be done to get life back on track. Whatever the cause, those "blues" are here in full force!

Needless to say, we had a wonderful time. The weather was beautiful and the ship was divine. Now, back to reality.

I started last night by unpacking just one suitcase. I thought a little jump on the unpacking ordeal would be helpful. I have a second suitcase almost cleared and piles of things spread all around the floor. Just 15 minutes at a time will be my motto today. I know that before I realize it, all the unpacking will be done, my washer will be happily humming and I'll be on my way!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vacation....Here I Come!

It's finally here. We've planned and packed and picked up last minute items from the store. But now the countdown is in hours instead of months, weeks, or even days.

I was a little stressed yesterday. Okay, I was a lot stressed yesterday. I don't know why I didn't think of checking Flylady's site for a vacation planning and packing list. My "lightbulb" moment didn't come until this morning AFTER all the bags had been packed and I spent a sleepless night wondering what I had forgotten. time you are getting ready for a trip, here is what you need: FLYLADY'S VACATION PACKING LIST. You will find all you need to remember about planning and packing for your trip.

Royal Caribbean cruise I come! Mexican Riviera...I'll be there soon! Flylady...thanks for taking such good care of us and making even our relaxation something to FLY about!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

This Is Me!

Quite frequently I feel like this!


My darling 12 year old son came into my room this afternoon. "Aren't you supposed to be CLEANING your room?" I had to laugh, because, as you see in the picture, that's not really clean. In fact, it WAS clean about 10 minutes prior to this picture.

All of those things had been piled in the brown cart and on the desk in nice little piles to "deal with later." Well, later has arrived. So, step one was to pull everything out and assess what I had in front of me.

I am committed to go through all of those items and find homes for each thing until it is complete!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Freezer Cooking Saves Time and Money

I tried freezer cooking once before. My family didn't love the recipes that I used out of the cookbook that taught you how to do once a month cooking. The sample menu repeated the same recipes too often for my liking. And, it was a big investment. You are basically buying all the groceries for a whole month in one trip. But I did enjoy the time it freed up for me.

I decided to try the same idea, but a different format. So I took recipes that I already make (and my family already enjoys) and converted them into freezer meals. I decided not to do a whole month's worth of recipes, but just to double or triple up what I was making already for dinner that week.

So, today, I made 2 meatloaves, and 4 portions of chili! We are having chili tonight and tomorrow for dinner. I am freezing two other portions. I immediately froze the meatloaves. Now I have 4 meals already done for me! On Friday, we are having chicken enchiladas. Guess what I will be doing Friday afternoon? Yep! Making 3 trays of enchiladas, one for that night, the other two will be waiting in my freezer. In one week, I will have added a whole other week's worth of food.

If you haven't tried freezer cooking, there are many great websites out there explaining how the process works and some sample recipes that freeze well. Happy cooking!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

FLYing with Tools Especially for You

I realized this morning that my template pages for my control journal were just that...MY pages. Although many of them a generic enough for any flybaby to use, some of them need to be adapted for your home. For example, your morning routine page has to include YOUR routine. And since the forms are all currently in pdf format, most of us do not have the software to edit them.

I am going to do 2 things: 1) I am going to upload Word and Exel versions. If you have a few computer skills and those programs, you will be able to update the forms to suit your needs. 2) I am going to offer to give you a present!

A PRESENT you say? That should have gotten some attention. LOL.

If you email me at, I will create a form for you and email it back to you. You need to provide me with two bits of information: the form you want to personalize, and what you want it to say. I may not be able to get to it right away, but good things come to those who wait (or so they say.)

Also, in the near future, I am going to work on some templates that are more basic. I realize that my "cutesy" style may not make everyone smile. That's okay! If you want boring old forms...well, who am I to judge? =0)

Friday, February 19, 2010

FLYing with the Right Tools

Flylady recommends that we keep a control journal. When I was a new flybaby, I wanted a control journal that made me feel good when I opened it. A place where I could go to feel organized, and where my family could find important information.

Over time, I created something that made me smile. I took the time to compile what I felt was important for my family. Now I want to share that with you.

I realize that my routines and schedules will not work for everyone. My graphics and style will not please everyone. And I'm okay with that! LOL! But I wanted to be able to share my hard work with those of you who may not have the time or the skills to create one of your own.

Go to this link:

You will see 14 section folders. Feel free to use anything you find there.

I will warn you in advance, I love color! You will use a good portion of ink printing these documents. But, as I said, I created this to make me feel good when I looked at it. What's a little ink in the overall scheme of things, right?

In the following days, I will be blogging more about how I have my Control Journal organized. I am in the process of redoing many of my section. Maybe we can work on it together?

Decluttering Pounds...

... of ME, that is!

Around the start of the year, I decided to recommit to healthier eating and diligent exercise. I set a reasonable weight loss goal and gave myself a time period to complete it.

I am proud to say, that I have decluttered 12 lbs. of ME. The first 10 came off pretty easily. The next 2 where soooo difficult. I relapsed a few days into my old snackin' self. That's what happens when you buy potato chips and Chex eat it!

So this week, I evaluated my water intake and my eating pattern. I reconnected with that desire to feel better (and the looking better part is an extra bonus!). Within a few days, my weight loss had been restarted and I am back on track.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

To My Decluttered Shoes: R.I.P.

After my initial balking and whining, I have really gotten into this closet decluttering! Our assignment today: shoes!

It's hard to imagine how I have collected so many of these. But they are all nicely organized, boxed, and labeled. And I will admit that the $35 it took to buy all those boxes was worth every penny!

If you are wondering how many shoes I have, it's simple...most of the boxes on the top shelf hold 2 pairs. They are all my dress shoes. My "Sunday-go-to-Meeting" footwear. It's up high because I don't need to access them as frequently. My guess is about 30 pair up there.

The boxes on the bottom are casual shoes. Smaller stack is boots. Taller stack in tennis shoes, flats, and sandals. 5 pairs of boots. A couple of tennis shoes. Maybe 8 pairs of sandals. Grand total in the neighborhood of 50.

Okay, that's a lot of shoes. But if you have been following my blog, I appear to have a lot of MANY things. Why stop at shoes? =0)

Drumroll please.....I decluttered 9 pairs today! Yippee!! Some went to the pile of clothing exchange items. One pair was rescued by my mom. The others had been worn to the point of no return, and they are now resting in peace in our dumpster. So thank you, dear shoes, for protecting my feel. I loved you 'til the end.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Present for Myself

I have been diligent about decluttering my closet, taking one type of clothing at a time. I have done the shirts (see the pictures!) and today I was looking at the pants and sweaters.

My sweaters numbered 51. I took out 9 of them! I know that someone else needs a sweater...and I can only wear one at a time. I can certainly do without a few.

I had 6 pairs of pants hanging in my closet, 2 of which are at least 2 sizes too big. Although my first thought was to keep them because I need black pants, I decided to bless someone else with them, and keep only one pair that fit me the best. I can fling those when I am able to bless myself with a new pair!

One of the pairs of pants was a nice beige pair of slacks that I could get on, but Since I am on a weight loss adventure, I decided to keep them. I tied a beautiful green bow around the top of the hanger. That way, I know they aren't in my "wearable" rotation. But the bow will do two things: 1) remind me of my goal; and 2)they will be a present to me when I lose a few more pounds!

I'll be sure to tell you when I can finally take that bow off. =0)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Decluttering Blesses Others


One of flylady's challenges this week was to go through our closet and declutter our hanging tops and blouses. I know this is a difficult assignment for me. I like clothes. I love to look in my closet and see all my tops color coordinated and waiting for me to wear them. I'm not proud of it, but I can admit it! LOL!

I decided that I would eliminate 10% of my hanging blouses. I knew there were some that brought me joy before, and now are just taking up space and an extra hanger. So I began by counting what I had. 111! Wow, that seems like a lot. I would have guessed half that number. So that meant that I needed to purge 11 shirts from my wardrobe.

15...I took out 15 shirts. I exceeded my goal and I am so proud. I have been invited to a clothing exchange party this weekend and now I have something to bring. I am going to bless someone else with those blouses that were once loved. Now they can be loved again and worn again. And every time I see that blouse on a dear friend, I will feel even more blessed.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Pssst...I Have a Secret!

I spent the better part of the day decluttering and organizing that pantry. I'm going to let you all in on a little secret. I was able to do that because my routines have helped me keep up with the house. I did my morning routine, looked around, and realized that things were in pretty decent shape and I could spend today focused on that one project. And although it seemed like it took forever while I was in there, I am guessing that total time was around 2 hours. My Dear Husband just walked by and said "Wow, it looks nice in there!" Not too bad for a Monday!

You Can Fly!

(as sung to the tune of Peter Pan's You Can Fly!)

Think of the duster you've bought
Any merry little thought
Think of missions, think of zones
Think of timers: Here we go!
Us babies soaring high

You can fly! You can fly! You can fly!

Soon you'll zoom all around the room
All it takes is faith and trust
But the thing that's a positive must
Is getting rid of dirt and dust
The dust is a positive must

When you are blessing your heart
There's no better time to start
It's a very simple plan
You can do what Marla can
At least it's worth a try

You can fly! You can fly! You can fly!

Never Never Land Update

Progress...I call this progress. All of the items have been moved out. Next step? Organizing the shelves.

Never Never Land

We all have it. A spot where we tend to pile up the unloved, unwanted, undealt-with (is that a word?), and everything else that doesn't have a real home. I like to call it Never Never Land. A place where it goes, and never, I mean NEVER, is dealt with again.

I'm trying to grow out of my Peter Pan ways. I really do WANT to grow up. So, as an act of ultimate growth, I am attacking my personal Never Never Land. My Pantry! As you can tell in the photo, I really have a job on my hands. But I am determined to make it so that every time I go in there, I have a smile on my face. As Tinkerbelle says "You can FLY!"

Sunday, February 14, 2010

FLYing on a Sunday

Sunday is my "day of rest." I focus on spiritual things and my family. We usually have friends over, or are visiting their homes. That's not to say I don't do anything. My bed is made. My sink is shiny. The rest can wait until tomorrow.

For this morning, I am enjoying beautiful blue skies, breakfast with my family, and the wonderful things our creator has provided. This evening we will be playing cards with dear friends. Now, THAT'S the way to start a week. "After all, tomorrow IS another day!" (Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why Fly?

When I was first introduced to flylady's system, I was drowning in my perfection. Nothing ever seemed "enough." I needed to allow myself to breathe. Her system made perfect sense. Get rid of the clutter first. The rest will follow. And it did.

I needed the routines. I needed the permission to stop after 15 minutes. I needed to realize that "housework done incorrectly still blesses your family." Even more importantly, "you are never behind - jump in where you are." Yesterday's list is just that...yesterday's. Today's list doesn't always have to include what you didn't do yesterday! My list was always cumulative. 3 items left from Monday, just add them to Tuesday. Now 6 items left from Tuesday, add them to Wednesday. No wonder I always felt behind! I started off behind before I ever woke up.

My timer became my best friend. I am allowed to stop after 15 minutes. Some days I do. Honestly, you can do anything for 15 minutes. And it's truly amazing at what you can accomplish in that little bit of time: IF you focus on the task at hand. Don't go to put away the dishes and decide to reorganize all your kitchen cupboards. Do just what you set out to do, and stay focused.

I'm not saying that the inside of my house looks like a spread in Better Homes and Garden. But it's livable. And I am happier. I have time for the more important things. I'm truly FLYing - Finally Loving Yourself!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Baby Steps the Flylady Way

This blog is going to follow my flying journey. If you haven't heard of flylady, check out her system here: