Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Present for Myself

I have been diligent about decluttering my closet, taking one type of clothing at a time. I have done the shirts (see the pictures!) and today I was looking at the pants and sweaters.

My sweaters numbered 51. I took out 9 of them! I know that someone else needs a sweater...and I can only wear one at a time. I can certainly do without a few.

I had 6 pairs of pants hanging in my closet, 2 of which are at least 2 sizes too big. Although my first thought was to keep them because I need black pants, I decided to bless someone else with them, and keep only one pair that fit me the best. I can fling those when I am able to bless myself with a new pair!

One of the pairs of pants was a nice beige pair of slacks that I could get on, but Since I am on a weight loss adventure, I decided to keep them. I tied a beautiful green bow around the top of the hanger. That way, I know they aren't in my "wearable" rotation. But the bow will do two things: 1) remind me of my goal; and 2)they will be a present to me when I lose a few more pounds!

I'll be sure to tell you when I can finally take that bow off. =0)

1 comment:

  1. Im am really proud of you stay well..I made myself stay in bed so I can get healthy completely and not backslide back to this flu thing and be a productive team member. I know what being in a team forces us to be more accoubtabble....and makes it a priority right not...people are counting on us.
    So heres to being accountable..

    Blessings, FLysista back to sleep