Monday, February 22, 2010

Freezer Cooking Saves Time and Money

I tried freezer cooking once before. My family didn't love the recipes that I used out of the cookbook that taught you how to do once a month cooking. The sample menu repeated the same recipes too often for my liking. And, it was a big investment. You are basically buying all the groceries for a whole month in one trip. But I did enjoy the time it freed up for me.

I decided to try the same idea, but a different format. So I took recipes that I already make (and my family already enjoys) and converted them into freezer meals. I decided not to do a whole month's worth of recipes, but just to double or triple up what I was making already for dinner that week.

So, today, I made 2 meatloaves, and 4 portions of chili! We are having chili tonight and tomorrow for dinner. I am freezing two other portions. I immediately froze the meatloaves. Now I have 4 meals already done for me! On Friday, we are having chicken enchiladas. Guess what I will be doing Friday afternoon? Yep! Making 3 trays of enchiladas, one for that night, the other two will be waiting in my freezer. In one week, I will have added a whole other week's worth of food.

If you haven't tried freezer cooking, there are many great websites out there explaining how the process works and some sample recipes that freeze well. Happy cooking!

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