Thursday, February 18, 2010

To My Decluttered Shoes: R.I.P.

After my initial balking and whining, I have really gotten into this closet decluttering! Our assignment today: shoes!

It's hard to imagine how I have collected so many of these. But they are all nicely organized, boxed, and labeled. And I will admit that the $35 it took to buy all those boxes was worth every penny!

If you are wondering how many shoes I have, it's simple...most of the boxes on the top shelf hold 2 pairs. They are all my dress shoes. My "Sunday-go-to-Meeting" footwear. It's up high because I don't need to access them as frequently. My guess is about 30 pair up there.

The boxes on the bottom are casual shoes. Smaller stack is boots. Taller stack in tennis shoes, flats, and sandals. 5 pairs of boots. A couple of tennis shoes. Maybe 8 pairs of sandals. Grand total in the neighborhood of 50.

Okay, that's a lot of shoes. But if you have been following my blog, I appear to have a lot of MANY things. Why stop at shoes? =0)

Drumroll please.....I decluttered 9 pairs today! Yippee!! Some went to the pile of clothing exchange items. One pair was rescued by my mom. The others had been worn to the point of no return, and they are now resting in peace in our dumpster. So thank you, dear shoes, for protecting my feel. I loved you 'til the end.

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