Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Morning Pick Me Up

Monday morning is just one of those days. The weekend is over. You are back to work or school, and your normal routine is back in place. We all need a Monday morning pick me up: and this includes your house!

If you are anything like me (and I'm sure at least one of you are) I don't do a whole lot of domestic duties on the weekends. I try to save those two days for family and friends. So come Monday morning, my house is looking a little bit "unloved." How to counteract those Monday blues AND get your house smiling again? A Monday Morning Pick Me Up.

Every Monday morning, I spend about an hour doing what is called a PUPA: Pick Up Put Away. I also incorporate my regular morning routine into that time. I start by getting dressed to the shoes. I make my bed and swish and swipe my bathroom. I try to drink at least one glass of water to get hydrated. Then, starting with one room in the house, I pick up and put away everything that is out of place. I wipe down anything that needs a little TLC. When that room is finished, I move on to the next room. By the time I have rotated through all the rooms in my house, everything looks better and amazingly, I feel better as well.

Today is Monday. Why don't you give it a try?

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